Olive Tree Body Care
Olive Tree Body Care was founded in Fort Worth in 2011 by Erin Lea, a cosmetic scientist who is passionate about safe, natural body care. Erin transitioned from environmental science to cosmetic science when she noticed the myriad of skin problems that her friends and family faced when using commercial cosmetic products. She began formulating plant-based skincare products that are free of sulfates, parabens, silicones, and petrolatum. Once her friends and family made the switch to Olive Tree products, the skin care issues resolved.

Olive Tree Body Care includes a wide variety of products formulated using organic botanical and mineral ingredients. Aloe vera is the main ingredient in our lotions, creams, and cleansers; and we use olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, and other plant lipids to nourish and heal the skin and hair.

We love essential oils and incorporate them into our products for their therapeutic benefits as well as their amazing scents. The essential oils that we use in our products include tea tree, lavender, frankincense, and many other oils distilled from a variety of flowers, leaves, barks, and resins. Olive Tree Body Care is so excited to have an exclusive partnership with Coffee Mug Shaving, where you can find the finest quality badger shave brushes, along with Olive Tree shave soaps and beard oils.


"Your lotion is the only lotion my daughter will let me use on her poor dry winter skin." - Marie C.

"I have rosacea which causes raw and burning skin around my nose. I have been using an expensive cream that the doctor gave me, and it has stayed sore. Last night I tried some of the healing balm, and again this morning, and it has cleared up! Good stuff!" - Jane M.

"I used the Four Thieves Healing Balm on a burn and an abrasion, and I was surprised by how quickly they healed with minimal scarring." - Sharon P.

"The tea tree soap healed a rash that I had, and my grandson had poison ivy that healed quicker with the tea tree soap. All of the soap washed off without residue. I love the body cream also!" - Tricia W.

"I used your oatmeal soap on my aging dog, who had a skin condition, and it healed her!" - Virginia C.

"We love all of the soap fragrances; our bathroom smells like the Four Seasons Hotel!" - Laura D.

"I just used the lotion on my hands and it's divine!! Big fan! Thanks!" - Kelly M.

"I use your eczema cream on my face, and it is better than Olay!" - Karen H.

"My legs have been so dry and itchy this winter, and your body butter relieved the itching and dryness all day!" - Karen A.

"I love using your conditioner as a leave-in product. It really tames my frizzy hair." - Catherine M.

"Your oatmeal honey soap has helped my face to clear up." - Rebecca M.

"The eczema cream healed my daughter's eczema, working better than the steroid cream I got from the doctor's office." - Jennifer T.

"Washing my face with the tea tree soap has cleared up my acne, and I love the shampoo, especially the tea tree peppermint!" - C.L.

"I love the shampoo because it really cleans the hairspray residue without burning my eyes or irritating my skin. I use the bar soap to wash my face, and it doesn't burn my eyes." - Mary W.

"The eczema cream cleared up my eczema completely!" - Karen L.